IoT Networks

We design, build, manage and provide IoT Connectivity using IoT-CaaS (IoT – Connectivity as a Service) which can combine the following network technologies NB-IoT, LTE-M, LoRaWAN, SigFox, 4G, 5G and more under a single service provision. This suite of IoT connectivity offerings is easy to adopt and use by systems integrators, software, hardware and platform providers. 

Whether a project or use case is best suited to LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, SigFox, LTE-M, 4G or Wi-Fi connectivity technologies, Comms365 can assist businesses to build an appropriate IoT network infrastructure solution and put in place the managed connectivity services to maximise functionality, practicality and cost-efficiency of an IoT project.


Our cellular Private APN M2M solution is directly interconnected into the mobile networks (O2, EE, Vodafone and Three) and therefore where they can provide service, our M2M service will work. 4G M2M solutions are suitable for EPOS, ticket machines, CCTV, digital signage, parcel tracking and much more.

2G, 3G, 4G and Multi-Network SIM services are widely available and if your deployments include locations in Europe, a flat rate is available across 28 countries (all with static IP as standard). 

For projects in the USA, our service works with T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon (all from one SIM) and data originates and terminates in the USA without leaving the country. This ensures latency is kept to a minimum.

All our SIMs can also be used to provide Internet Access where needed.

More information on our M2M capability can be found here.


We have private NB-IoT APNs with Vodafone IoT and as they expand their NB-IoT footprint across the UK and abroad, our service will also expand.  NB-IoT is a cellular LPWAN technology (utilising the mobile operator’s extensive cell tower network) designed specifically for small low power sensors.

Since NB-IoT uses narrowband (or a narrower bandwidth and a single narrow band of 200KHz or 180KHz to be precise), it allows for an increased density of transmission power and that, along with other coverage enhancement capabilities, is what makes indoor penetration and reach overall better.

Think buildings, remote and hard to reach locations, and even underground to an extent NB-IoT is an ideal technology.  Technical considerations regarding reach and penetration or, in one word, coverage: maximum coupling loss of NB-IoT is 164 dB, which is a 20 dB better link budget compared to GPRS.

Starting at 30KB of data per month per SIM, this low powered, low data service is perfect for sensor deployments that need to be installed and left in position for several years.  Some customer deployments may need more data however.  To cater for this we have a range of data plans and bespoke capabilities, ensuring we deliver to your requirements.

As we use Vodafone for NB-IoT, our SIMs also have access to Vodafone networks in the following countries – UK, Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands and Spain all for the same flat rate.

No Commitments

We won’t tie you into large volume commitments to use our NB-IoT SIMs, we can cater for 1 device to 100,000+, we can also introduce you to a number of partners who offer NB-IoT hardware / sensors.

Data Offload

If you have an IoT platform or application, we can pass data straight over to you, alternatively we can help you with storage, visualisation and analytics.

Test SIMs

We recognise that NB-IoT is a new technology and that you may have prototype devices that need to be tested with real NB-IoT SIMs.  We are happy to partner with you to prove your technology and can therefore offer you some test SIMs for this purpose.  Contact us today to discuss your projects and concepts.


We build both private and shared LoRaWAN networks.  The benefit of LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide-Area Network) is the ease with which new private networks can be created, supporting millions of low power devices.  With advanced options such as Managed Private Network Server – deploying next generation IoT has never been easier.

Selecting a model using a simple Gateway connected to our network server option, is all that is needed to provide coverage and the capability for your sensors to pass information back to you.

Managed Private Network Server

A dedicated solution designed to keep your data completely separate and secure.  We have deployed many private instances and would be happy to talk you through the benefits of utilising this network server option.

Shared Network Server

A low cost option for customers who are in the proof of concept stages or who are happy to utilise a shared infrastructure.


Through our partnerships we have access to Sigfox services where this technology is required.  Sigfox has almost 2000 gateways across the UK that can be used to bring your data back to your platforms. This is a perfect solution for low-power applications requiring low levels of data transfer.


Comms365 can offer a managed Wi-Fi solution to enable businesses to deploy Wi-Fi based IoT where required. This is best suited to deployments of sensors in a short range.   

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