Comms365 & Opengear Partner To Provide Secure Out-of-Band Connections

Comms365 and Opengear Partner up to Provide Secure Out-of-Band Connections

Comms365 & Opengear Partner To Provide Secure Out-of-Band Connections

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Opengear, the experts in Out-of-Band Management service.

With help from our Multi-Network Roaming 4G Services, this combined solution provides secure, remote access to your critical devices even when the primary network is down.

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Opengear brings network resilience to IT organizations, ensuring business continuity through SmartOut-of-Band management solutions. Over their fifteen-year history, they have led the evolution from simple terminal servers to complex console servers with the development of centralized management software, embedded 4G-LTE cellular access and NetOps-ready appliances.

But what is Out-of-Band Management?

There are two primary ways to manage a network, In-Band and Out-of-Band.

In-Band Management is when devices are managed through protocols like a telnet or SSH connection to a router or by using SNMP based tools. Data, production, and management traffic use the same path for communicating various elements, so for most enterprises this approach isn’t enough. When an outage does occur and you don’t have an alternative secure access path, you can get locked out of the management plane. This increases security vulnerabilities and makes sure that none of your devices can be reached.

Out-of-Band management with Opengear is very simple. It gives you another way to securely connect to remote equipment when an outage occurs. Acting as an alternative or secondary access path, when paired with Failover to CellularTM, enterprises have enough bandwidth to identify the issue and remediate it – all without interrupting normal business operations or having to step on-site.  This means site visits are no longer required, so there’s no need to despatch engineering staff on a late run to a remote site. This has always been useful for organisations of all types. However, as deployments for distributed, remote sites increase and with current travel restrictions, Out-of-Band is a necessity for network engineers.

What sectors can be helped by the Out-Of-Band solution?
  • Renewable Energy
  • Managed Service Providers (MSP)
  • Retail and Hospitality
  • Security and CCTV
  • Remote M2M, Utility and Telco Sites
What challenges can be solved by deploying an Opengear Smart Out-of-Band solution?
Ensure remote connectivityReduce systems outagesDefend cyber-security attemptsAddress disaster recovery
Reduce downtimeProvision new or reconfigure existing sitesEnable secure remote accessComplete network refreshes
Ensure business continuityMeet service level agreementsOvercome site access/travel bansReduce response times – mean time to repair
Meet security and compliance requirementsAdd to SD-WAN deploymentsManage more IT with less resourcesRemediate network and IT team staffing shortages

Partnered with Comms365’s Multinetwork Roaming 4G Services, you are provided with a secure alternative access path and the Failover to Cellular provides enough bandwidth for critical processes to continue to operate during an outage.

But don’t just take it from us. Here is a testimonial from one of our Out-of-Band Customers.

We use Comms365’s Fixed IP 4G SIMs as the underlying connectivity for our out-of-band VPN, which combined with Opengear’s console servers provide a secure, reliable, and easy to manage out-of-band solution. Having remote console access via a 4G connection has proven to be a huge advantage in remote setup as well as emergency situations.”

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