Resilience of Networks: How to Ensure Always-On Internet Access for Your Business Using Failover Technology

Resilience of Networks: How to Ensure Always-On Internet Access for Your Business Using Failover Technology

In the era of cloud storage and an Always-on Internet connection, it can slow down or even halt productivity when you find yourself unable to access your organisation’s shared online folders and applications due to Internet disruption.

Fixed lines can become overloaded when the whole team is in the office at once, or any outage from your Internet service provider can cause a loss in internet connectivity. So, what is the alternative? Perhaps there is a failsafe solution for you. In this article we will discuss the failover technology that Comms365 provides to businesses to keep them connected.

What is Failover Technology?

When a system is disrupted or fails entirely, it’s important to have a backup in place and that’s exactly what failover technology is. Crucially, effective failover technology ensures that the backup system can be utilised automatically and without any disruption to, or intervention from, the end user. This means that businesses with failover technology in place don’t experience any outages or performance issues if their primary connection fails. Instead, failover technology is activated, and end users remain able to access a secure, reliable and high-speed connection. 

SD-One Failover Solutions

At Comms365, we understand how important network resilience is. As businesses become increasingly reliant on internet connectivity, even a small amount of downtime can have a significant impact on your operations and outputs. To enable companies to improve IT resilience and maintain connectivity at all times, we recommend our innovative SD-One Failover solution.

Designed to give you complete peace of mind and constant access to a reliable network, your business can benefit from a truly ‘unbreakable Internet connection’ that will keep you operating around the clock. Read on to find out how we deliver optimal failover technology via a combination of SD-WAN and mobile solutions. 

How Does SD-WAN Work?

A software-defined wide area network relies on software-controlled network communication, rather than hardware. While older-style WAN networks were popular for businesses, the reliance on hardware, carrier-specific configuration and the associated costs mean it’s no longer the best option. Furthermore, SD-WAN technology has evolved at just the right time to meet the needs of companies who are transitioning to cloud-based systems.

In fact, SD-WAN technology uses a cloud-based approach to create a private WAN that combines security and optimal functionality. As a wide area network is not tied to a specific location, companies with multiple sites can rely on a single SD-WAN to facilitate communication and connectivity. What’s more – you aren’t limited by geography when you switch to SD-WAN. With the option to incorporate sites from all over the UK and Worldwide, growing companies can expand their network in line with their business growth. 

Fixed vs Mobile Connectivity

Mobile Internet solutions are becoming increasingly popular, particularly with the rollout of 5G connectivity. Whether you’re accessing applications on AWS  or user-friendly cloud storage solutions, like Dropbox, the latest mobile solutions can be a fast and effective way to stay connected.

Despite this, many businesses are wary of being totally reliant on mobile Internet. Of course, it’s also advisable to check the available coverage before choosing a mobile Internet provider. Coverage checkers, for example, can ascertain whether Mobile could be a viable option for your Internet connection. 

While there are both pros and cons when it comes to mobile business Internet, you no longer have to decide between opting for a fixed line or a mobile network. With Comms365’s SD-ONE failover solutions, you can integrate both fixed line connections and mobile Internet to maximise network resilience and give you the reliability you need. 

Whether you’re using 3, Vodafone O2 or an EE sim card, combining mobile with fixed connectivity solutions gives you the best of both worlds and ensures that you can seamlessly switch from one network to another to access the best possible speeds and service. If a fixed line is disrupted, for example, the network will automatically switch to your pre-selected 4G or 5G connection. 

Alternatively, if a SIM failure or mobile network outage disrupts your connection, you can rely on your SD-One network to switch to a fixed line and keep you connected. The technology is so clever that when there is no disruption issue to overcome, both connections can be used at the same time to improve overall Internet performance.

Keeping Connected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Staying connected has never been more important, particularly as many companies now rely on Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity to transport data. When downtime can be damaging to your business, the resilience of your network should be a top priority and, with Comms365, you can access the reliable failover technology you need to improve performance and safeguard your Internet access. 

Whether your teams are working remotely, from multiple sites or even in the same office, SD-One’s ultra-reliable Internet access will give you the hassle-free connectivity you need. To learn more, contact our expert team now on 01234 865880 or email us at