Business Uses of a Fixed IP SIM

Business Uses of a Fixed IP SIM

Fixed IP SIM cards are an interesting tool for businesses. For example, they enable two-way communication with devices, which allows Users to remotely access and support assets without having to visit a site, resulting in reduced costs. Read on to find out what a fixed IP SIM is and how they can transform your business operations: 

What is a Fixed IP SIM?

A fixed IP is an identifying code that is associated with something (a device) that helps to find it on a network. Applying a fixed IP to a SIM card assigns a Public Static IP address to the SIM and enables you to communicate directly with the device the SIM is placed into. Crucially, a static or fixed IP can increase stability and reliability, which means that communication between a device and the network can be enhanced and optimised. 

While most devices and SIM cards rely on an ever-changing dynamic IP, this can disrupt network connectivity, particularly when using remote devices. Due to this, an increasing number of businesses in the UK are choosing to use fixed IP SIMs for seamless network connectivity.  

When to Use Fixed IP SIM Cards 

Fixed IP SIM cards have multiple applications, but they are particularly beneficial when you want to safeguard communication with a particular device. Due to this, there are multiple business uses for SIM cards with a static IP, including: 

CCTV and Remote Monitoring

Today’s CCTV systems typically record visual information from numerous sites, provide a real-time livestream of footage and store the data at a central location, either in the cloud or on a physical server. To facilitate this, internet access is required and two-way communication across the network must be maintained. If communication is disrupted, the CCTV system will fail to record visual information, which puts your business at risk and may even invalidate your company’s insurance policies.  

By using a 5G or 4G static IP SIM in CCTV and remote monitoring devices, you can ensure that network communication remains  open at all times. This enhances your CCTV coverage and gives your business the security it needs.  

Mobile Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems  

If your company accepts payments in more than one location, mobile electronic point-of-sale (EPOS) systems can increase flexibility and maximise sales. Handheld terminals can enable customers to make payments in any location and give your sales teams additional resources to hit their targets, for example.  

Of course, each mobile EPOS device needs to maintain a secure two-way internet connection to facilitate a transaction and here’s where a SIM with static IP comes in. By placing a white-listed fixed IP SIM in the EPOS device, you can ensure that the device can always access your network and, therefore, process payments. This reduces the risk of lost sales and gives your firm the flexibility to modernise and innovate its sales strategy.  

Internet Failsafe 

In today’s digital environment, access to the internet is essential for businesses. However, even today, reliable fixed line internet isn’t available to everyone. If 4G or 5G is available, this can be used instead of the fixed line to provide the stable communications required to operate effectively. By having a fixed IP address, businesses can run on-premise services, including servers, VPNs, mail systems and hosted applications. The fixed IP can also be used to enable remote white-listing, often required when accessing restricted or secure content or services. 

Fortunately, an EE, 3, O2 or Vodafone static IP SIM card can be used as a primary internet connection or as a back-up in case your primary connection fails. At Comms365 we assign a fixed IP SIM address to your chosen network SIM. When you have this failsafe in place, you can be confident that you’ll always have access to a reliable connection, which means your business remains up and running at all times.  

Fleet Tracking and Management 

If you’re running a fleet of vehicles, it’s vital to know where a particular vehicle is at any given time. From monitoring driver performance to tracking high-value goods, using the latest technology can increase security and optimise productivity. As you might expect, in-vehicle tracking technology requires internet connectivity to relay information in real-time and a SIM with static IP provides secure  access to your existing network.  

Equipment and Device Maintenance 

When you have equipment installed at multiple sites, capturing up to date information from each location ensures issues can be pre-empted and resolutions put in place before loss of function occurs. When a SIM with static IP is installed in remote equipment or devices, detailed performance data can be accessed via your network in real-time. This reduces the need for site visits and ensures staff can access the information they need from a central location, such as your head office.  

In fact, the two-way communication that is available with a fixed IP SIM even means that fixes and updates can be initiated from any location, with no need for engineers to visit the site. With the potential to drastically reduce costs and streamline your operations, switching to fixed IP SIM cards can generate increased value for your business and your customers.  

And Much, Much More! 

As you can see, fixed IP SIMs have a range of applications and uses and are particularly beneficial for businesses that want to accelerate their digital strategies. Whether you’re using M2M technology, or you simply want to safeguard your internet access, static IP SIM cards give you the functionality you need.  

Choosing a Fixed IP SIM Provider 

UK networks, such as O2, EE, 3 and Vodafone, don’t currently offer fixed IP SIM cards. When you choose Comms365 as your fixed IP SIM provider, we assign a fixed IP address to your preferred network SIM and expand its functionality accordingly, but the benefits don’t stop there.  

With a single operator SIM, you can add a fixed IP to a Vodafone data SIM, for example, while our multi-network SIM options give you the opportunity to assign a fixed IP to a multi-network SIM card for maximum coverage.  

Combined with a range of extras, including DDoS protection, private APNs, flexible terms, low-cost data tariffs and full UK support, we make it easy to leverage the latest tech and enhance your business performance.  

To learn more about using fixed IP SIM cards to optimise your operations, contact our dedicated team now on 01234 865880 or email us at