How Partners Can Monetise the 5G Revolution

How Partners Can Monetise the 5G Revolution

5G is the next generation of cellular connectivity that is set to transform not only how businesses use the Internet, but how businesses use applications and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Set to transform the digital economy across the world thanks to its advanced capabilities, 5G offers a faster and more secure network than previous generations of connectivity, and the continuing deployment across the UK and the world will only help to boost industries across the spectrum and spur innovation.

And there’s never been a better time than now to prepare for the 5G revolution. As the consumer rollout steams ahead, partners and businesses should be looking to stay ahead of the competition and embrace the potential that 5G holds for unlocking new opportunities.

What is 5G?

5G is the next step in cellular communications, maturing from 2G, 3G, and 4G. But compared to previous generations, 5G is more advanced with added capabilities to handle much more than just mobile data.

5G offers lower latency and high-speed connectivity to enable a seamless experience for organisations looking to introduce smarter, more digitalised technology and further their operations.

How can 5G boost IoT?

Currently, there are billions of 5G-connected mobile phones, plus connected IoT devices, and this is only set to increase as the 5G network becomes more readily available to businesses and consumers alike. Estimates forecast 6 billion by 2027.

But it’s not hard to see why many organisations are choosing 5G as their connectivity network of choice. From ultra-reliable low-latency communications and faster connectivity to advanced security options and its overall future-ready appeal, 5G is opening up new opportunities across the world, especially for businesses looking to take their place in the digital revolution.

IoT devices rely on the exact features that 5G offers, which in turn is enabling both these industries to grow exponentially. By 2025, it’s predicted there will be close to four billion cellular-connected devices across the world, accelerated by the deployment of the 5G network.

Industries across a multitude of sectors are already finding new and innovative ways to utilise the twin advancement of IoT and 5G. From autonomous cars and delivery robots to healthcare machinery and maintenance monitoring sensors in manufacturing, 5G and IoT are creating new possibilities for organisations that place efficiency and speed at the top of their ‘must-have’ list.

How to introduce 5G into your portfolio

It’s clear that 5G holds the key to the future of technology across a variety of sectors and businesses, but for many, the true potential of 5G and IoT technology is yet to be fully realised. It’s up to partners in the Channel to introduce the vast benefits of 5G to enable further growth.

Comms365’s cellular 4G and 5G services provide internet connectivity across all of the UK’s networks, including Three, O2, EE, and Vodafone, plus connectivity in European Union countries. Ideal for end-users who need a fast internet connection without the need for a fixed line, our 5G solutions are designed to make connectivity faster and more seamless than ever before, while boosting our partners’ portfolios.

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Businesses with a global reach can also benefit from our Global Multi-Network 4G/5G SIMs and be safe in the knowledge that their connectivity solution is secure, low-cost, and with flexible coverage across the world. With unique features such as local internet breakout, granular data management and portal-controlled network access, deploying and managing global cellular connectivity from one system has never been easier.

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