Take Advantage of 5G Services with Comms365

5G Services with Comms365

Take Advantage of 5G Services with Comms365

Social distancing, COVID-19, Furlough and 5G.

What do these all have in common?

Well for most of us, we learnt these new terms and their meanings in 2020 when working from home became the new normal for many people; but it was also the year where you might have heard about the new generation of wireless technology, 5G.

Although introduced in early 2019, 5G began to really take off last year with mobile networks adopting the technology, which is a huge leap from 1G, the first generation which was rolled out in the 1970’s. How far we have come!

So, what’s so different about 5G and why do we need it?

Other than being speedier than its previous generations, promising performance for individual connections of up to 20 times faster than 4G[i], 5G offers much greater capacity per square kilometre, allowing many more devices to be connected at the same time with improved performance.[ii] This means in day to day usage, you could get ultrafast download speeds of 100-200Mbps or more regularly, translating into a much better user experience.

At Comms365, we’re embracing the new generation 5G connectivity for businesses and have compatible routers on offer, designed to suit a variety of different needs, as well as 5G SIMs with cost-effective data packages. You can find out more information about the SIMs here:

4G/5G connectivity provides a fast Internet connection without the need for a fixed line (e.g. Ethernet, ADSL, FTTC). This makes 4G/5G services ideal as an alternative to broadband fixed line, as part of a failover solution, or for Machine2Machine (M2M) and IoT connectivity purposes.

Our range of 5G routers include:


These are ideally suited for users who require industrial reliability.  Featuring 4x Gigabit Ethernet configurable ports and the highly respected Thales MV31 5G module, the C365-5G-W offers reliability and speed and access to rapidly expanding 5G networks. VPN features can also be configured in these routers, allowing you to utilise virtual private network services through the wireless router and they are built for the stresses and workload of a modern industrial or commercial environment.

We also have one of the first industrial 5G Wi-Fi routers to be on general release in the UK. The COMMS365 DUAL SIM 5G ROUTER WITH WIFI – C365-5G-H900 offers blistering performance in 5G locations.

Our COMMS365 2 PORT 5G ROUTER WITH WIFI – C365-5G-MINI router is designed to support 3G, 4G and 5G M2M applications including Security, Utilities, Monitoring and any other area that requires IP connectivity between a remote device and a central office.  This router can also be used for Internet Access.

We hope that you’ll find a 5G router suitable for your needs and for more information, see the products for yourself on our Webshop.

You can also talk to one of our Sales Team members today by calling 01234 865880 or emailing: sales@comms365.com.

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