Why Visiting Exhibitions is Good for Business, Especially Channel Live

Why Visiting Exhibitions is Good for Business, Especially Channel Live

Close deals faster, build lasting connections, discover game-changing solutions at Channel Live 2024! Channel Live is fast approaching and we are excited to be a part of this vibrant hub of industry connection and innovation once again.

Whether you’re a seasoned Channel veteran or a newcomer seeking to expand your reach and drive business growth, Channel Live and exhibitions alike offer a unique platform to do just that, let’s explore what makes exhibitions so unique and how buyers can gain from attending.

Industry Buzz – Face to Face

They are a great platform to catch up with like-minded people in the industry and to establish new relationships. Engaging and networking are key drivers to your business development. You may believe that engaging online is sufficient, however, exhibitions provide us with the platform to bring all our online conversations to life and have a face-to-face and more personal experience.

For buyers attending, this is valuable because you have access to a concentrated pool of potential vendors and solution providers. Unlike online research or attending individual meetings, exhibitions offer the unique opportunity to meet and compare various options in real-time, allowing you to effectively identify the best solutions and partners for your specific needs. This streamlines your purchasing process, saves you time and gives you a clearer understanding of finding precisely what you’re looking for.


Whether you are a visitor or an exhibitor, exhibitions provide many networking opportunities with your industry peers.

Buyers will have the opportunity to connect with industry experts and thought leaders, they will be able to gain valuable insight into the industry and make more informed decisions. Buyers will also be able to exchange ideas and gather unique perspectives first-hand, that may not be as accessible online.

Networking is beneficial for mostly all departments of your business, especially for your sales team as they will be able to strengthen existing relationships. It offers the chance to have a coffee with your network whilst getting up to date on each other’s business developments. If you miss coffee-time, Channel Live will be having an informal networking event, After Hours. There’s a chance to swap your coffees for a refreshing drink whilst listening to live music and continue networking.

Sales Opportunities

Exhibitions aren’t just for mingling, but also for selling! According to Trade Show Labs, 92% of attendees visit trade shows to explore new and exciting services. This is great for your business for generating new business. Exhibitors will be able to take advantage of being surrounded by those who are already keen to make a purchasing decision. as it means that it will be likely for you to at least generate leads. In person, there is no lag in waiting for a response, which means that deals are closed quicker!

Gain Valuable Customer Insights

Whether exhibiting or visiting, exhibitions offer a unique opportunity to directly engage with your target audience and gain valuable insights into their perceptions of your brand and service offerings. The face-to-face interactions at an exhibition provide a real-time testing ground for your messaging. This valuable feedback helps you identify areas where your messaging needs improvement.

How Successful was the 2023 Channel Live?

If you are exhibiting or visiting, you gain value from Channel Live. Last year saw their biggest attendance since 2018, if your goal is to network then you will have a large pool of attendees to have conversations with, a large attendance is also valuable for those wanting to generate more contacts and leads. In 2023, 77% of visitors had purchasing power or influence, which is useful for those looking to encourage a company to try a new service. Make a change, or just make a useful contact in the industry for the future.

Based on the numbers, Channel Live has been thriving for a while. Comms365 has seen many areas of success from exhibiting at the event, it has been an effective platform for us to catch up with our contacts, stay up to date with the industry and showcase our cutting-edge technologies.

exhibition stats

Comms365 Attending Channel Live 2024

We will be attending Channel Live this year to network with our partners and resellers alike. We’ll be showcasing and launching new advanced solutions that will help you offer an enhanced portfolio of resilient and secure mobile data and fixed-line connectivity.

Come and talk to us about becoming a Partner. Discuss our flexible contract terms, gaining access to the widest portfolio of SIMs and harnessing the power of bonded Internet to get the best results for your customers. You will be able to find us at Lounge D20 by the entrance.

If you can’t make Channel Live this year, still reach out to us on 01234 865880.

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