What is a Bonded Internet Connection?

What is a Bonded Internet Connection?

Imagine if you could combine your internet connections into one, faster and more reliable service. With a bonded internet connection, you can do just that. This resilient solution is created by combining two or more separate internet connections into one single faster connection. Learn about using a bonded internet connection in your office or site and enjoy the benefits of a faster and more reliable online experience.

How Does Bonded Internet Work?

Simply put, bonded internet is created by combining two or more separate internet feeds into one single, faster connection. We use Software-Defined Networking (SDN) technology to bond connections. Bonding is then achieved when multiple lines are combined into a single, aggregated ‘pipe’ to deliver greater upload and download speeds and increased reliability.

The Challenge of Traditional Fixed line Internet Connections

Fixed-Site Bonded Internet is designed as a solution for businesses who require a higher performance, resilient Internet connection with Quality of Service as standard. Challenges arise when fixed line solutions are problematic or unavailable. Existing connectivity may be performing poorly or your network needs to be upscaled securely to keep up with business growth and demands.

Bonded Internet is mostly used in the following cases:

1. Construction: Flexible and portable Internet connections for site office communications that can be re-deployed to other sites locations, as projects complete.

2. Distribution: Primary Internet service for new warehouses and for increased seasonal demand. Local and multi-national sites supported.

3. Renewable Energy: Resilient Internet for remote pipeline locations, wind turbine sites or solar farms. Rapid deployment and flexible rental terms available.

4. Conferences: Reliable, high quality Internet access with simple installation to support Wi-Fi and streaming. Pre-configured and available with a quick turnaround.

5. New Offices: Fast deployment of secure and resilient Internet to open new offices immediately. High speed, stable connection to support 20-200 concurrent users.

6. Events: High speed, large bandwidth Internet that supports live streaming for live events. Available at short notice for flexible periods of time.

Is Bonded Internet Really Faster than a Single Connection?

One of the main benefits of bonded internet connections is the increased speed you can generate. By combining two (or more) connections you have access to, and the benefit of, all your connectivity through one bonded service.

Instead of having three separate connections with 20 Mbps maximum download speeds, for example, you could have one connection with a 60 Mbps maximum download speed.

Having access to fast, reliable internet speeds is critical and a bonded internet connection is one of the most effective ways to boost your connection speed and enjoy a seamless user experience (UX).

Is Bonded Internet More Reliable?

When you rely on a bonded internet connection, you essentially have a failsafe if one of the connections drops. If you bond an FTTC line and a 5G connection and the FTTC line stops working, for example, the network will continue to use the 5G connection and you will still be able to access the internet.

While your internet speed will drop to reflect the remaining connection’s maximum performance, your network will remain functional. So, if you want to increase the reliability of your connection, bonded internet is an effective way to do so. This is especially true in areas in the UK where some internet lines can be unreliable.

Who Can Benefit from Bonded Internet?

Anyone who wants to enjoy faster speeds and more reliable internet can benefit from a bonded connection.

Businesses all across the UK, Europe and the USA are increasing their uptime with this solution. As today’s businesses need to be online 24/7 in order to operate, maximising uptime and increasing connection speeds can have a direct impact on your commercial performance.

If your business premises are situated in a rural location, for example, accessing a single high-speed line can be surprisingly difficult. Similarly, regular connection issues and dropped connections can lead to unwanted downtime. As a result, your operations could be disrupted due to inaccessible systems such as cloud based CRM, Finance and remote servers. With a bonded internet connection, however, you can access faster speeds and a more reliable network, which will enable your business to operate more effectively.

Is Bonded Internet Right for Your Business?

A company’s IT infrastructure is critical to their operational success, which is why it’s essential to get the right setup in place. With extensive experience throughout the industry and a wide range of services, Comms365 can help you to find the best solutions for your business. To learn more, contact our friendly team now on 01234 865880 or email us at sales@comms365.com.