Quick and Easy Connectivity for Renewable Energy Projects

Renewable Energy Projects

Quick and Easy Connectivity for Renewable Energy Projects

4G Internet connectivity has applications at almost every stage of a renewable energy project, but what makes 4G more effective than other solutions? This blog post sets out the key reasons why 4G Internet connectivity leads the way for renewable energy sites compared with other connectivity methods.

Instant Internet Access

Wind, solar and hydro power sites are often located in remote areas such as farms, fields, coastal and mountainous locations. This is to take advantage of the natural environments that make these sites optimal for power generation and to meet planning requirements. However, due to the remote nature of these locations, fixed line Internet infrastructure is often not in place.

Internet connectivity is needed to provide Internet for construction workers, for ongoing monitoring and site engineers. Traditional fixed line connectivity can be costly to install in remote areas and have long lead times, causing delays to projects.

4G connectivity uses 4G cellular technology to transmit data. This means that wherever there is cellular coverage, a 4G solution can be deployed to the site to instantly provide an internet connection. Comms365 can provision a pre-configured 4G router and SIM solution to a site within 2-3 days, meaning no delays when it comes to getting your renewable energy sites up and running.

Internet Speed

GPRS or 2G connectivity is sometimes used to support M2M projects, including relaying data at renewable energy sites. In addition to supporting the transmission of remote monitoring data, 4G connectivity can effectively support other Internet requirements at a renewable energy site.  These include relaying real-time CCTV footage (often used to monitor wildlife and to deter vandalism), providing access to Wi-Fi and communications for construction workers erecting a site or engineers performing maintenance.

Using 4G connectivity can therefore support all connectivity requirements at a renewable energy site, meaning only one method of connectivity is required for the life of a project. This ensures efficiency and can be the most cost-effective solution depending on the duration of a project and the amount of data used.

Reliability and Resilience

Comms365 offer 4G Fixed IP SIMs on all four network providers in the UK.  This means that the provider with the best network coverage can be selected to support remote monitoring, CCTV and on-site communications.  You can rest assured that even at peak times, your renewable energy site will always receive the maximum connection speed that is available.

In addition, failover solutions provide resilience in the event of network outages. Should the chosen network provider experience an outage, the connection will failover onto a second connection from a different provider. This reduces the possibility of downtime so that remote monitoring and other services can continue disruption free. When the primary connection comes back up, the failover solution will automatically revert to the primary connection with no manual intervention required.  This means no missed readings and no need for an engineer to visit the site to get things back up and running.

Security and Support

Our 4G SIMs all come with a fixed IP address and all traffic is routed via our carrier grade core network. This means that devices at the site can easily be accessed remotely and ensures that all data is secure.

We’ve been working with renewable energy companies for over seven years and have experience of assisting at all stages of a renewable energy project from construction through to ongoing monitoring and backhaul of data. We understand the challenges you face when it comes to connectivity and can provide the expertise to advise the solution that will work best for you. Our SIMs are supplied with access to an intuitive Portal to monitor data usage, and our experienced support team are on hand 24/7 to assist with any questions or problems that you have.


Where a long-term 4G connections may not be the most suitable solution, we can provide a short-term rental solution. This might be particularly appropriate for site assessments where the suitability of the site is uncertain, or where a fixed line solution is going to be installed at a later date but site workers need immediate access to the Internet during the construction phase. Our Sales Team are experienced in helping to establish the most effective solution for your project.

How Comms365 Can Help

Comms365 are experts in 4G connectivity, providing 4G solutions to a number of renewable energy producers, suppliers and for community projects.

Contact our Sales Team on 01234 865880 or email sales@comms365.com to discuss the various stages of your renewable energy project and how we can help you.

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