Multi Network as an Alternative to Single Network SIMS: Trends in the Comms Industry

Multi Network as an Alternative to Single Network SIMS: Trends in the Comms Industry

The communications industry is changing, and so are the services offered by mobile network providers. Multi-network or all-network SIM cards represent a massive change in the way that cellular service providers work and have been evolving for several years now. Businesses and IoT Devices are able to move throughout the UK and between countries without worrying about cellular connectivity and remaining connected 24/7.

What Is a Multi-Network SIM?

As the name suggests, a multi-network SIM is simply a SIM card that is capable of connecting to more than one cellular network. Instead of the SIM being linked to one network, like Vodafone or O2, the SIM can connect to a wide variety of networks and provide the best service in real-time. 

What Are the Benefits of Multi-Network SIM Cards?

Transitioning to multi-network SIM cards can be advantageous for many reasons, particularly for businesses that use IoT devices for data transfers where it is often too costly to perform site surveys prior to deployment or where large numbers of devices must be shipped out and brought into service in a short period of time.or have a significant number of company-issued mobile devices. To find out if all network SIMcards could be right for your business, take a look at some of the benefits on offer. 

Global Connectivity

They aren’t known as ‘anywhere SIM cards’ for nothing! When you switch to Comms365’s multi-network SIM cards, you can be confident that you’ll have full connectivity on a  global scale. As well as connecting to the four UK providers and 90 providers across Europe, your SIM cards can connect to more than 400 operators around the world. This ensures you can stay fully connected anywhere, at any time. 

Reliable Data Transfers

When you are relying on data SIMs to transfer information, you don’t want a connectivity issue to disrupt the flow of data you’re sending or receiving. In fact, this could be catastrophic for many businesses and cause a wide range of problems, including loss of revenue and reduced customer confidence.

Fortunately, a multi-network data SIM in the UK provides an extra back-up and ensures that devices remain connected at all times, even if they have to switch to another network to do so. As a result, you can be confident that data will be transferred around the clock and that your IoT-enabled devices will continue to transmit information with optimal performance. 

Dedicated Management Portal

Our dedicated management portal makes it easier than ever to manage your mobile devices. In fact, using the advanced CommsPortal lets you manually swap mobile operators at a network level rather than having to program your end device. 

If you are concerned about training staff to switch networks or you want to retain control of which providers are used, you can simply control which networks are used centrally at network level. This streamlines and simplifies the management of your mobile solutions and ensures that the most appropriate settings are used to enhance functionality and performance. 

Fixed and Dynamic IP Addresses

Both fixed and dynamic IP addresses can have advantages, but dynamic IP addresses are typically best suited to individual users. When you’re surfing the web at home, for example, most users have no need to know their IP address and therefore a dynamic IP address will do. As businesses often have their own networks, however, a fixed or static IP address is often required and ensures that devices can access the business network without any issues. 

Whichever option is right for your business, our multi-network SIM cards UK are capable of using either fixed or dynamic IP addresses, so you’ll have maximum flexibility and total control over how your devices are configured. 

Local Internet Breakout

IoT-enabled devices that rely on internet access to communicate back to central offices often require low latency. 

With a Comms365 multi-network SIM card, you’ll have the added advantage of being able to use local internet breakout in certain geographies, such as USA, Europe and Asia to improve end-user experiences, reduce latency, and optimise connectivity. Instead of relying solely on our UK data centres to route traffic, local internet breakout allows users to access our globally located points of presence (PoPs)and benefit from fast, low-latency connections wherever they are. 

As well as enhancing user experience and increasing connectivity speeds can reduce costs and minimise the load on corporate networks and data centres. 

No Data Limits

If you’re concerned that the volume of data you use or transfer will push your costs up, there’s no need to worry. At Comms365, we provide a range of solutions to meet your needs and ensure optimal cost-effectiveness. Choose from packages that offer 0.5MB data per month right up to 1TB+ and enjoy all the data you need with no limits and low global data tariffs. 

Enhanced Security Options

Cybersecurity is a top priority for all businesses and keeping devices secure should certainly be a key consideration when selecting which SIM cards and networks to use. With our “e2” multi-network SIM card, you can opt for additional security features to safeguard devices and users. Comprising of malware scanning and prevention, botnet disruption, real-time malicious traffic prevention, and phishing prevention, our enhanced security options protect your network and your business and give you peace of mind. 

Switch to Multi-Network SIM Cards Now

If you want to access flexible tariffs, low costs, enhanced functionality, and seamless roaming, talk to our experienced team about switching to our multi-network SIM cards now. With four multi-network IoT SIM solutions available, Comms365 can provide a tailored solution that gives you the flexibility and features you need. To take your company’s IoT communications to the next level, contact us now on 01234 865880 or email us at