Global Multi-Network IoT SIMs

Global Multi-Network 4G / 5G SIMs

Global Multi-Network 4G & 5G IoT SIMs from Comms365 offer secure, low cost, flexible coverage across the world, with unique features such as local Internet breakout, granular data management and portal controlled network access at your fingertips. We offer no fewer than four Multi-Network IoT & M2M SIM solutions which enable unsteered, seamless roaming over 400+ operators across the world including all 4 UK network providers and approximately 90 operators within EU28 countries. The flexibility of intelligent network roaming with the secure delivery mechanism of a private network infrastructure.

With DDoS offered as standard across the Comms365 SIM product set, you can be sure your cellular data needs are in the right hands. It has never been easier to deploy and manage global 4G/5G connectivity all from one system.

Summary of Features
  • No minimum order quantity
  • 4G & 5G Capability (5G available in certain countries and carriers)
  • Low Global Data Tariffs
  • Local Internet Breakout (UK/EU, USA & Asia)
  • Flexible Terms
  • Aggregated / Pooled Data available
  • Fixed / Dynamic IP
  • Same day dispatch
  • Management Portal (Giving you control)
  • 0.5MB to 1TB+ per month (No limits)

We offer no fewer than four Multi-Network IoT SIM solutions (each with unique services and benefits) which enable unsteered, seamless roaming over 400+ operators across the world including all 4 UK network providers (EE, Vodafone and O2 are currently 5G enabled as well) and approximately 90 operators within EU28 countries. Some providers are referring to this type of SIM as an eSIM. Whilst not a 100% accurate description, it offers some providers a way of differentiating against traditional single operator SIMs.

Local Internet Breakout

Service quality when using the Internet is often defined as how quickly the content required is delivered. This ranges from Internet page loading, File download time, Voice quality when using VoIP and any applications that are particularly sensitive to latency (the delay between a user’s action and the web applications response to that action). A 4G SIM being used in China for example that has its Internet delivered from the UK will see increased latency as the data packets have to travel a significant distance before the service is provided. This can render many services unusable (unless they use such small packets of data, or the data is non-essential). The solution to this is called Local Internet Breakout.

By accessing Internet services that are more local to the location of the SIM, the user experience is greatly improved. This is the reason Comms365 has invested in delivering Local Internet Breakout in three regions across the world. Comms365 Global SIMs now utilise Internet services in the UK, USA and Asia, ensuring a faster and more consistent service. This also means that users of Comms365 SIMs in the USA for example will be served with US content, rather than UK content.  Not only is the service provided locally, it is also multinetwork, which ensures the SIMs have access to a number of networks in each country. For example in the USA, Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile are all available on one SIM.


Our Multi-Network IoT SIMs offer unrivalled capability and as a long established network service provider we have the experience to design and deploy technically advanced solutions. We are extremely confident in all our SIMs and our network capabilities and can offer flexible trials to ensure customers’ needs are met.


Fixed Public or Private IP addresses are available with a range of data packages. Our Multi-Network SIMs do not have a home network, which means they will automatically attach to the strongest available signal. Our advanced CommsPortal will allow you to manually swap mobile operators at a network level rather than having to program your end device or you can just let the SIM do the automatic network selection. This is a unique feature that puts you in control of your SIM estate. You will also receive alerts and access to our CommsPortal management platform so you can monitor and control your data usage.

Fixed Public IPs are available either as NAT or no-NAT depending on requirements.


Our latest “e2” Multi-Network SIM offers additional optional security features such as Botnet disruption, Malware scanning and prevention, Phishing prevention and Real-time malicious traffic monitoring. Optional Application Filtering is also possible, ensuring that your 4G connection is only being used for its purpose. In addition, all of our SIMs come with DDoS protection as standard.

SIM Types

All SIM types / sizes are available including MFF2 (Chip/eSIM)

For more information please download a copy of the Global Multi-Networks Services Sheet.

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