Reliable Internet for Retail

Reliable Internet for Retail

So, you work in retail.  What’s your internet connection like? Could you use our help? And not just for new shops either; we provide services for existing shops, online shop warehouses and pop-up shops as well. Keep on reading to find out just how we can help you.

New Shops Needing Immediate Internet Connectivity

If you are preparing to open a new shop but waiting for a fixed line ethernet to be installed, you may suffer an aggravating delay to opening your shop on time. To avoid these delays, our SD-ONE pre-ethernet service is designed to help relieve that aggravation right now. It can be set up straight away, meaning no more time is wasted waiting. It provides instant and fast connectivity, supporting back office systems and EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale digital system) transactions. Our pre-ethernet solution can then remain in place as a failover solution, when your shop has their fixed line installed. It’s a win-win situation!

Existing Shops Benefit From Resilient Internet Connections

Not only do we have solutions for new shops, we also have options for existing shops as well. During busy periods of the year you may find your fixed line struggling to keep up or suffering from a connection failure. This is where our SD-ONE failover service comes in handy. Our failover solution will seamlessly switch to a backup 4G connection, so your business is able to continue to operate as usual without a single hitch. You won’t even notice a difference as our solution retains the same IP address to provide continuity for you and your business. So, if you suffer a connection failure, you will be able to continue trading as usual, with no lost revenue.

Online Shop Warehouse With Improved Performance

Online shop warehouses need to run smoothly all year round but can often find themselves in high demand over busy periods such as Christmas and other holidays. This puts pressure on the Internet performance during peak times, due to the increase in online ordering, which means that you could definitely benefit from additional support. Our bonded Internet solution Continuum can come to the rescue. It delivers high speed Internet access for improved Internet performance wherever you need it. Our Continuum bonded solution is portable, can support up to 50 users and can be delivered within the week. It is the perfect addition to your IT set-up.

Pop-up Shops Need Flexible Contract Terms For Internet Services

Having a pop-up shop means you’re normally just looking for a temporary Internet solution and not a permanent fixed line. Comms365 offer rental solutions for just these short-term requirements. Choose to rent a 4G router and SIM or a Continuum bonded unit. Both rental solutions provide reliable Internet access to support your EPOS transactions, access to communications, stock management and office systems. And delivery in 2-3 days. It’s the perfect solution!

Here’s what Tangle Teezer had to say when we helped them by providing a temporary portable 4G solution whilst they waited for a fixed line to be installed.

“We could continue to operate immediately, with the solution being implemented within a day; proving extremely valuable to our business.”

IT Director

You can read the full Tangle Teezer case study here.

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