How a Fixed IP Mega 4G Bundle Can Benefit Your Business

How a Fixed IP Mega 4G Bundle Can Benefit Your Business

A 4G connection provides fast Internet connectivity using 4G mobile technology. Our Mega 4G Data SIM Bundles provide massive amounts of 4G data at highly competitive rates.

With monthly data allowances of 300GB, 500GB or 1TB available, the bundle includes a fixed IP address which makes it easy to securely access the device remotely or connect securely to company networks. The bundle also comes with Quality of Service (QoS) and DDoS protection as standard.  QoS allows you to prioritise mission critical traffic, such as VoIP calls and cloud-based applications, while the DDoS protection stops attacks which could bring your service down.

At highly competitive rates, these SIMs provide huge amounts of data for less. More options have now been added: 300GB is now available on Vodafone and O2 networks in this bundle, as well as 500GB or 1TB of data usage per month on the Three network. Our Mega 4G Data SIM Bundles can provide connectivity almost anywhere.

Our Mega 4G Data SIM Bundles are suitable for any business looking for high levels of 4G data usage. We’ve heard from our customers and they’ve told us these bundles are perfect for these use cases in particular:

Overcoming Fixed Line Delays

If you’re moving business locations or setting up a new office, you’ll find that it can take weeks or months to get your fixed line Internet installed.  Our Mega 4G Data SIM Bundle provides instant Internet access to your new site from day one as a Pre-Ethernet Solution. This means you and your employees will have Internet access even whilst you wait for your fixed line to be installed, so you can start working from the new location immediately. Happy days!

As the Mega 4G Data SIM Bundle comes with massive amounts of data, you won’t need to worry about overuse charges. The fixed IP that’s provided as part of the bundle, gives you the ability to connect directly to your company network and other offices when you need to.

When the office fixed line has been installed, many of our customers have decided to keep the whole set-up in place as an extremely reliable failover solution. In the event that your primary Internet connection fails, it will revert to the 4G connection with no disruption, resulting in Internet connectivity for your business with real resilience.  Read more about failover in the next section.

Building Resilience into your Existing Fixed Line Connection

Disruption to your Internet connection can have a big negative impact on your workforce and business. You’ll be concerned about the costs that an Internet outage could have on your bottom line. A failover solution like this can provide you with the business continuity you desire. If your primary connection stops working, this bundle solution will automatically failover to the backup connection with no noticeable disruption (less than 0.3 seconds). What’s more, the new connection uses the same fixed IP address, so you’ll stay securely connected to your company network. You won’t even notice.

Using the Mega 4G Data SIM Bundle means you have huge amounts of data available if a failover situation arises. This means that in the event of an outage you won’t have to worry about how much data you use, no matter how long your primary connection is down for.

Streaming HD CCTV

4G connection with a fixed IP is often used for CCTV.  This is because it can give you a secure connection without the need for fixed line connectivity.  If there is not a fixed line installed, you can still monitor your CCTV. The fixed IP address allows you to access the camera remotely and securely at all times.

When it comes to streaming HD CCTV, more 4G data is used and overuse costs can therefore be a concern. Our Mega 4G Data SIM Bundles come with huge amounts of data so you won’t need to worry about overuse for HD streaming. In addition, the 300GB,  500GB and 1TB bundles are available at incredibly competitive prices, making them a cost-effective solution for CCTV monitoring. We now have bundles available on Vodafone, O2 and the Three networks so let’s check coverage in your area.

Internet Access on Construction Sites

Construction sites are often in locations where no fixed line infrastructure exists. A 4G connection is therefore ideal for providing an Internet connection for site workers from day one.

For construction sites with 2-10 users that require high levels of data use, our Mega 4G Data SIM Bundles provide huge amounts of data at very cost-effective rates. As the bundle includes a fixed IP SIM, you’ll be able to connect securely to company networks from day one and with the QoS feature you can prioritise different types of traffic for users, for example: VoIP; unified communications; security cameras

The Mega 4G Data SIM Bundle is portable, so when your construction project is finished you’ll be able to take it with you to the next site.

Rural Business Primary Internet Connectivity

If you’re running a business in a rural location, you may become aggravated if you struggle with slow and unreliable fixed line Internet connectivity – if it’s even available. Installation of faster Internet services such as FTTC and FTTP often come with a hefty price tag. Providing there is network coverage, a 4G connection can provide Internet connectivity which may be faster than any existing fixed line connectivity to your site. We now have Mega SIM options with Vodafone, O2 and Three, so let’s check coverage in your area.

Our Mega 4G Data SIM Bundles provide massive amounts of data at highly competitive rates, so it’s very likely you’ll find this to be a more cost-effective solution than upgrading your current fixed line connection. As so much data is included each month, you won’t need to worry about data overuse either.

You know a Mega 4G Data SIM Bundle Could Benefit Your Business!

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