Welcome to Affinity – Innovative & Agile Partner Solutions

As an established provider of M2M and IoT Solutions to the Reseller and Wholesale Channel, Comms365 is proud to launch its latest Partner offering – Affinity.  Our partner programme has been designed to enable Resellers, Systems Integrators, ISVs, Carriers and Technology driven businesses to incorporate advanced Machine to Machine, Internet of Things and Mobile Data Internet Access services into their product portfolios.

But its not just about M2M.  We have a superb range of services designed to protect businesses from outages to their primary links.  The Solution family is called CloudProtect and incorporates Bonded technology, Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) / MPLS Overlay, Secure IP-VPN, FTTC and Ethernet Failover (with the same IP as the primary link).

All the above are available through our partner channel, so what are you waiting for?

Starting the Process:

  • Call us on 01234 865880 or email us at to request an Affinity Pack or discuss requirements.

Signing up with us is very simple and your account team are on hand to offer advice and guidance every step of the way.  We have different levels that can be chosen depending on how integrated you would like the products and services to be.




As simple or as complex as you like:

  • How to work with us

Wholesale – As we are a network operator ourselves, we can offer the ability for you to incorporate our services into your network infrastructure via interconnects to our wholesale M2M platform.  This will enable you to use your own IP addresses (if you would like to do so) and utilise your own IP Transit.  You can use your own Radius or we can provide and manage them for you if you like.  Our wholesale platform gives you access to all UK mobile operators as a one stop shop.

Reseller / SI – If you would just prefer to resell our pre-packaged M2M solutions then that is fine with us.  You can use our Public IP addresses and we’ll even provide a managed service overlay for you.  Prefer to sell secure private services – no problem.

Getting started:

  • Sign up with us and start selling

It doesn’t stop there.  We have a full account management team, with marketing, support and solution technology expertise available to our partners and we would be delighted to invite you to meet the team and start working with us to expand your portfolio.




Products available through our Partner Programme:

  • Fixed IP M2M SIMs (Public & Private / All UK Networks)
  • Fixed IP High Data SIMs (4G)
  • MultiNet (UK Roaming SIMs)
  • CloudProtect Solutions including:
    • Prism (Secure Multi-site IP-VPN / SD-WAN)
    • Continuum Bonded 4G
    • FTTC / 4G Failover
    • EthAssure
  • Managed Services
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Ethernet
  • IoT Sensors and Analytics
  • Hardware

Call us today – 01234 865880


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