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Encrypted Private SD-WAN

As a fast growing UK SD-WAN service provider, Comms365’s SD-ONE solution creates and allows you to easily manage a fully encrypted, meshed private network. Different technologies from your customer sites located in multiple locations across UK and Europe, can be networked into a secure WAN.

A multi-site SD-WAN solution can be configured and deployed across the UK and Europe within days, shortening the time to go live and reducing the overall cost of bringing a site into operation. Additional sites can be added within the week with a few clicks. This highly secure, ‘Cloud-based’ approach to private Wide-Area Networking is a more flexible and scalable option than utilising more expensive WAN technologies.

An easy to use portal and dashboard is provided for network administrators. Previously complex and time-consuming network administration operations like adding sites and making routing changes can be performed instantly and simply. The secure WAN can be easily kept up to date as new software updates rather than purchasing additional or replacement hardware.

For more information please download a copy of our SD-WAN Services Sheet.

Comms365’s SD-WAN:
  • Is a faster and cost-effective alternative to installing an MPLS network
  • Can overlay to your existing MPLS network for cost-effective and speedy expansion of your network.
  • Creates a secure WAN overlay service using any carrier or ISP connectivity, including 4G, which removes the reliance on a single provider across multiple sites
  • Comms365 can also provide fixed line and mobile data connectivity options if required
  • Enables you to prioritise your mission-critical traffic utilising aggregated bonding and QoS features

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