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Temporary Rapid Deployment Bonded Internet

SD-One will be delivered straight to your office or site, as a temporary or permanent fix.  It has been designed for easy deployment and instant Internet connectivity. By adding multiple bonded 4G / 5G (mobile) connections you can further improve the performance and you can achieve Internet connectivity even in the remotest of locations, where fixed line connectivity is not available.

We have been delivering Bonded Internet Services since 2015. Our award-winning service, Continuum, provided high quality, reliable, fast Internet which was deployed rapidly wherever it was needed. This enabled construction sites, new warehouses and offices to get immediate Internet connectivity to meet their opening schedules.

By evolving and developing our Bonded Internet technology, knowledge and expertise, we can offer you SD-One as a temporary service to meet your needs for instant high-performance Internet, anywhere. The SD-One is designed as a solution for all businesses who require a higher performance, resilient Internet connection.

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By bonding multiple wireless (mobile) or wired (fixed line) Internet services from different carriers into a single, high performance Internet connection, SD-One delivers:

– Quality of Service (QoS)
– Fast data throughput, and
– Automatic resiliency on the same static IP address.

SD-One optimises access to the Internet and Cloud-based applications used by your company, providing fast browsing for the best User Experience (UX) with secure access to Email, Cloud applications, Corporate services, Unified Communications and VPN.

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SD-ONE Temporary Bonded Internet Features and Benefits in your Sector

Provide Internet straight away to overcome the disruption of delayed installations.


Supply Internet on construction sites to support stock management and
order fulfilment.


Provides primary
Internet service for new warehouses and to meet increased seasonal demand.


Renewable Energy
Resilient Internet for managing and remote access to pipelines, wind
turbine sites or solar farms.

For more information, download our Temporary Bonded Internet Service Sheet.

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