One of our partners recently won a deal providing high-performance bonded Internet to an office suffering with poor Fixed Line availability.
Customer Challenge

The end user was located in a rural area where Fixed Line availability was poor, but they required high bandwidth. 4G was the best option to provide suitable Internet connectivity.

Business Opportunity

High performance Internet was required. Whilst a single 4G solution could be used it would make high bandwidth hard to achieve, the Bonded Internet solution would allow them to combine multiple connections to achieve the best available Internet connectivity.

Product and Services Solution

Our SD-ONE Package 2 was deployed at the site using 3 x Comms365 4G unlimited SIMs and was able to offer the speeds required at a stable and constant throughout.


The end user was able to operate in their offices much more efficiently and with greater productivity. They built up a trusting relationship with their supplier and continue to put more business with them.