One of our partners recently had a win by providing an immediate Internet connection to a call centre.
Customer Challenge

Their customer had moved to new premises where there was only limited Fixed Line availability.

Business Opportunity

Their business required a reliable, high speed Internet connection quickly. The end user was a call centre, so relied heavily on their Internet connectivity and VoIP solutions every day. Having a poor connection was going to be an issue.

Product and Services Solution

The 4G coverage in the area was looking favourable and following site surveys, we were able to record around 35Mbps per SIM download. By bonding 3 x 4G SIMs the customer was able to operate at a reliable speed and by adding Quality of Service on the VoIP calls from the SD-ONE, the highest performance of the connection was optimised.


This resulted in the customer being able to continue their business as usual without any issues and have their install within days.