Continuum in Action – Part 1

Continuum in Action

Continuum in Action – Part 1

See the different sectors using our fully managed portable Internet service, Continuum, and read how we’ve enhanced our award-winning offering, bonding 10 mobile connections to ensure high-speed, consistent connectivity!

Using 4G and SDN technologies, coupled with a high capacity core network, we are delivering ultra-fast Internet of up to 800Mbps for businesses unable to access fixed-line infrastructure.

Now, our platform allows the bonding of up to 10 lines of aggregated 4G connectivity, a doubling of capability. The move has been driven by customer demand for connectivity in a number of marginal signal areas, where multiple cellular connections are needed to guarantee consistent, high quality internet.

By bonding several lines of mobile connectivity to create a single IP connection, business networks are protected against the impact of a service provider outage which ensures Quality of Service and User Experience.

Delivered as a ruggedised, plug and play ‘office in a box’ product, Continuum allows businesses to connect to enterprise grade Internet in a matter of days when, due to circumstances beyond their control, their usual internet connectivity fails to deliver.

Both SMEs and multinational corporations alike depend on Continuum for high-speed, portable and quick to deploy Internet solutions. Our customer base spans a wide range of industries including manufacturingconstructioneducationdistributionautomotivepublic sectoroffices and events.

Here are some examples of the situations in which Continuum is being used and some of our clients feedback!


Continuum has clocked up some mileage being delivered to retailers and manufacturers across Europe.

“Comms365 Continuum is a very reliable and robust solution in the absence of a fixed-line connection,” comments IT Director at award winning hair detangling brand Tangle Teezer. “Continuum got us out of a big hole. It meant that we could continue to operate immediately, with the solution being implemented within a day; proving extremely valuable to our business.”

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Continuum units in 3 or 5 bond configuration are often used as primary connectivity for building sites and are then re-deployed to other sites.

“We needed a solution that would work effectively in different environments. Comms365 was chosen due to its ability to interpret the needs of the business and turn them into practical services.”

Business Systems Director, Morrison Utility Services

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To speak to our team about Continuum and how it can help your business, contact us 01234 865880 or via email at Keep a look out for our second blog on Continuum, where we highlight how it is supporting businesses within managed office spaces and at events. We also provide details of our rental services!

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