Identifying the Right Tools


Identifying the Right Tools

The Covid-19 crisis initiated a dramatic change to the working world almost overnight. With offices closed and employees advised to work from home, businesses were forced to adapt without warning. In this insight Nick Sacke, Head of IoT and Products at Comms365, explains how businesses can find the resilience they need.

Implementing the correct communications technology solutions, business resilience can be rapidly assured – not just for now, but also as we adapt to the ‘new normal’ post-lockdown.

Digital business transformation and remote working has resulted in increasing volumes of application traffic per user. Application usage as high as 700% has put networking infrastructure under significant strain, both at the user end and in the cloud. This has increased the requirement for network performance and resilience to ensure a quality user experience and business continuity.

To read the full article in CommsBusiness June 2020 Magazine Edition, click on the link here.

CommsBusiness June 2020 Magazine Edition

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