Is it Time For Your Business To Start Selling SD-WAN?

start Selling SD-WAN

Is it Time For Your Business To Start Selling SD-WAN?

You know about the benefits of SD-WAN and its real-world applications, but how does it fit in with your business? If you’re a Channel Partner, Reseller or VAR considering extending your product portfolio with SD-WAN, Comms365 are the network specialists who can support you.

Read on to find out more about the opportunity that SD-WAN presents for growing your business revenues and how Comms365 can easily enable you to integrate this solution into your product portfolio.

Growth of SD-WAN

Software defined networking is growing at a rapid rate which makes it a lucrative opportunity for resellers in the channel. According to the IEEE Communications Society Blog, Gartner has forecast SD-WAN to grow at a 59% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) through 2021 to become a $1.3 billion market1.

In contrast, in the same time frame, the overall branch office router market is forecast to decline at a −6.3% CAGR. The legacy router segment will suffer a −28.1% decline up to 20201.

As a Channel Partner, Reseller or VAR, you can benefit from these movements in the market by introducing SD-WAN into your product portfolio.

New technology brings new income streams

This innovative new SD-WAN technology offers an excellent new income stream opportunity for Channel Partners, Resellers and VARs through new product bundles to sell to existing customers. SD-WAN can also open up opportunities in new verticals and markets, such as retail, legal, automotive and international multi-site SME businesses. It is possible to offer Comms365’s SD-WAN solution alongside your existing services to create innovative new bundles, which could include hosted desktop and unified communications solutions already in your product portfolio.

Enhanced Performance

Comms365’s SD-WAN solution offers high performance and rich feature sets including class-leading bonding, suitable for a variety of different customer use cases.

The performance of your customer’s hosted applications (UC, VoIP, CRM) can be guaranteed via Quality of Service (QoS) on  a combination of Internet connections from different carriers, making our SD-WAN solutions totally flexible.

SD-WAN can connect an unlimited number of sites to create a secure private network and can overlay existing connectivity, including MPLS networks. It can also be easily scaled up to add more sites. These add, moves and changes to the customer network can be made at lighting speed, dramatically improving operational processes

Comms365’s SD-WAN solution is highly cost-effective for SME businesses and their budgets, with flexible contract terms enabling you to sell into more businesses. We make it easy to add to or expand the network, improve user experience, prioritise certain applications and manage the customer site using this new software, making it a long-term interwoven solution and a reason for customers to stay with you.

No more third-party handovers

In the past, resellers have handed over WAN management to a third party. By using our range of portals giving access to different levels of network management, you can now be much more involved with WAN set-up and support, by benefiting from our expert training, advice and field experience. As an SD-WAN provider, we empower you to provide a great customer service experience.

Service management

CommsPortal makes it easy for you to view your customers’ SD-WAN sites and connection performance. Our service provider portal allows you to add, move and make changes in a matter of clicks.

Comms365, your Network specialists

We have experience in integrating specialist networks, network design experience, field experience of operating specialist networks, and finding solutions to problems that other network providers can’t solve.

Our Core Network and services are based on a multi-tenanted infrastructure, so we can set you up with your customers in the form of hierarchical parent and child relationships.

Our SD-WAN solution is network and carrier agnostic – which means we don’t insist you use Comms365 connectivity. You can take advantage of using our interconnected, fixed and mobile carrier-grade Core Network or use your own.

We’ll also give you the support and training you need to enable you to sell to your existing customers and identify new market opportunities.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

Here’s what our partners are saying about us:

“Working with Comms365 we have been able to expand the portfolio of products we are able to offer our SME customers and provide the absolute cutting edge in network technology. We are seeing growing demand from customers for IT infrastructure that is agile, easy to deploy and simple to manage, and Comms365 has not only given us the products, but the sales and technical support needed to meet this need.” 

Director, Opious

“With such a positive outcome in international proof of concept of the SD WAN solution for IBP it was a natural decision to move forward with the solution and roll it out across all the international offices.” 

Project Manager, ERA
Ready to get started?

Comms365’s SD-WAN solution is powered by class-leading bonding and Software Defined Networking (SDN) technology. If you’re a Channel Partner, Reseller or Value-Added Reseller (VAR) interested in adding SD-WAN to your product portfolio, we can help.

We’ve won several industry awards and commendations including Best Innovative Technology at the Bright Sparc Awards, inclusion on the Leading Edge platform for innovatory solutions and best innovation and technology at the MK Business Achievement Awards.

Contact our Sales Team on 01234 865880, or email to discuss further or book a demonstration now.

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(1) Forecast: SD-WAN and Its Impact on Traditional Router and MPLS Services Revenue, Worldwide, 2016-2020”. IEEE Communications Society Blog, November 2017.

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