OFCOM Publish the Connected Nations Report 2019

Ofcom Connected Nations Report 2019

OFCOM Publish the Connected Nations Report 2019

Connected Nations Report 2019

January 2020

Comms365 is a private LoRaWAN and IoT Solutions provider offering services that are suitable for a variety of sectors and use cases including environmental monitoring, security, parking and waste management.

Comms365 is a member of the LoRa Alliance and were independently invited to submit valuable LoRaWAN and IoT network information to Ofcom. This data was then published in The Connected Nations Report 2019 and distributed to Ofcom’s regulatory group of members based in the UK.

This annual report measures progress in broadband, mobile and IoT services in the UK and highlights the work Ofcom is doing, alongside UK government and communications companies, to improve the availability of these services. Ofcom is striving for everyone in the UK to have access to fast broadband and mobile connections wherever they live, work and travel.

In this report, Ofcom validates that

LPWAN technologies are designed for IoT applications and services that have low data rates, require long battery lives and can operate in remote and hard to reach locations. Furthermore, their extended range makes them better suited for in-building applications such as smart meters and smart car parks which may be located underground or in basements.”

The Connected Nations Report has now been published. Click here to view it now

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