Service Model and POC Kit Solution for Accessible IoT

Service Model and POC Kit Solution for Accessible IoT

Service Model and POC Kit Solution for Accessible IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is arguably set to be the biggest driver of productivity and growth in the next decade, with Accenture estimating IoT could add $14.2 trillion to the global economy by 2030. But despite the hype and excitement, right now we seem to be a very long way from realising that vision, especially in the UK.

From network costs that are simply too expensive to sensors created by innovative, but small, startups, IoT at scale has simply not been achieved.  Further still, the complexity of such highly bespoke IoT deployment models is massively constraining adoption.

If the benefits of IoT are to be fully realised, the model has to change, in order to help businesses experience its true potential. Comms365 recently launched the IoT as a Service PoC kits that offer instant, scalable IoT capabilities to enterprises of all sizes.

Whereas solutions currently on the market provide parts of what is needed for the successful deployment of IoT applications, this offering is an end-to-end solution that means that businesses do not require any additional technology, allowing the end user to test IoT for real in several application areas to determine the validity of their business case.

Businesses can start off with five deployable sensors, ranging from parking sensors to improve traffic management, environmental sensors that can detect air quality levels, contact sensors to secure doors and windows in buildings and smart tag sensors to trace high value goods. Users are then able to effectively expand as demand requires, adding more sensors and applications to the PoC kit solution – making it future proof and minimising risk.

The ‘as a service’ or shrink-wrapped model also makes IoT easier for resellers to place with customers cross-vertically, allowing the channel to work with end users without needing to coordinate multiple vendors. Further benefits include key applications, such as building management systems, smart parking, pest control and waste bin management being made available for instant use without heavy customisation, removing all barriers to entry, especially within the SME market.

Nick Sacke, Head of IoT and Products at Comms365 comments:

“We believe that businesses need easy to implement, low-risk methodology, entry-level cost models and a solution that is scalable – this is exactly what ‘IoT as a Service’, or ‘shrink-wrapped IoT’ can offer.

We’re really pleased to be in the leading pack of providers to come to market with a full end-to-end solution and help lead the way in removing the current constraints of IoT, which are preventing it from going mainstream.”

It’s widely accepted that IoT can deliver efficiency, cost savings and revenue generation – but it will only become mainstream if businesses embrace the ‘as a Service’ model. Shrink-wrapping will release IoT from the constraints of expensive, bespoke projects and provide opportunity to explore IoT’s potential revenue streams.

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