Supporting Digital Transformation with SD-WAN for SMES

Supporting Digital Transformation with SD-WAN for SMES

Supporting Digital Transformation with SD-WAN for SMES

The channel plays a unique and vital part in defining the digital transformation strategies of many companies and the role of the reseller has evolved to make them strategic consultants to many of the businesses they work with. 

This makes it absolutely essential for resellers to stay on top of the latest technology available to them and their customers.

SD-WAN is a fast-growing technology which enables the agile and efficient management of Wide-Area Networks. Due to the increased efficiency and network control made possible by SD-WAN, it’s quickly being adopted by businesses to expand on or replace their traditional MPLS networks.

Initially, SD-WAN was only available from Tier 1 carriers, making it cost restrictive for smaller businesses. However, Comms365’s SD-WAN solution is suited to the SME market, making it an ideal solution for the channel and their customers.

Available through Comms365’ Partner Programme, channel resellers are able to access the full capabilities of SD-WAN. Resellers can make use of the marketing support offered within the Partner Programme or choose to white-label the solution and offer their own branded SD-WAN service. This will enable IT resellers to offer affordable, quick to deploy, enterprise-quality SD-WAN to the SME market.

The technology should form a vital component as resellers guide their SME customers through digital transformation. In fact, 87% of business leaders say that digitalisation is a company priority, so it’s never been more vital that organisations, of all sizes, can access the technology needed to compete on a level playing field in their industry.

The emergence of SD-WAN technology to smaller businesses has happened far more quickly than the industry initially anticipated and savvy resellers must be quick off the mark in taking the technology and showing their customers how it can add significant value to their business.

The reality is that for many businesses, the resellers they work with play a huge part in defining how their business will operate in the digital age. The channel needs to make sure that they are incorporating the latest innovative technologies into the digital transformation strategies for businesses. This will ensure that they are not only giving SMEs the best tools possible to enhance their business, but to fully take advantage of the levelling nature of technology and develop into organisations truly capable of disrupting the industry in which they operate.

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