5 Things You Need To Know About Bonded Internet

things to know Bonded Internet

5 Things You Need To Know About Bonded Internet

As a Reseller, Value Added Reseller (VAR) or Channel Partner, you will know that your customers rely on their Internet connection to benefit from the solutions that you provide to carry out their usual business.

However, according to the Office for National Statistics, over 14% of UK businesses have an internet connection that is slower than 10 Mbps, and only 10% have a connection that can deliver 100 Mbps or above1. Internet performance could therefore be a problem for a large number of your customers.

Whether these problems are as a result of poor coverage, the logistics of remote or temporary sites, or restrictive costs, bonded Internet is the answer for you and your customers.

What is Bonded Internet?

Bonded Internet is when two or more internet connections are combined to create a virtual, single Internet connection. This virtual bonded connection delivers increased reliability, as well as faster download and upload speeds.

What You Need to Know About Bonded Internet
1.  Bonded Internet Improves Internet Performance

Bonding multiple Internet connections combines their throughput and bandwidth into a single, virtual connection to provide improved performance for your customer. We offer a number of bonded Internet solutions which can deliver speeds from 50 Mbps to 300 Mbps depending on requirements and the connections being bonded. By remotely optimising the bonded Internet solutions, a consistent balance of bandwidth and throughput can be obtained to provide optimum performance for the customer.

2.  Bonded Internet Provides a More Reliable Connection

If one of the bonded connections fails, the bonder will automatically rely on the remaining connections. This provides an uninterrupted Internet connection for your customer, so they can continue business as usual. Quality of Service (QoS) is available as standard on all of our bonded Internet solutions, making it perfect for supporting mission critical traffic such as UC, VoIP and for access to Cloud services.

3.  Temporary and Permanent Solutions Available

A bonded internet solution is perfect in a variety of use cases. Some business sites might be in rural areas or have limited access to high performance Internet. In these instances, a bonded Internet solution can be used to permanently increase Internet performance and provide a faster Internet connection. For a temporary provision such as a construction site, or to meet seasonal demand for warehouses and distribution centres, a portable solution can be used to provide a high-performance, reliable internet connection for the required amount of time. In addition, this solution can be easily provisioned to a new site to continue benefitting from the unit.

4.  Bond Any Connectivity from Any Provider

Bonded Internet is achieved by bonding connections using software defined networking (SDN) technology. Two or more Internet connections are bonded together to increase performance. Any type and mix of connectivity can be bonded, including fixed lines, ADSL, Ethernet, FTTC and 4G. This means your customer doesn’t necessarily need access to a fixed line as multiple 4G connections can be bonded. Our bonded solutions are carrier agnostic, meaning that connections from any internet provider or mobile carrier can be combined. This also provides additional resilience for your customer by using services from multiple suppliers.

5.  Bonded Internet can be Deployed Quickly

Whether for a temporary or permanent solution, bonded Internet solutions can typically be deployed much faster than fixed line services can be installed or upgraded, with our solutions being delivered as quickly as two working days. This allows your customer to start benefiting from high performance Internet without further delay.

How Comms365 can help

Convinced by the benefits? If you’re a Reseller, Value-Added Reseller (VAR), or Channel Partner, interested in adding bonded Internet to your product portfolio, we can help.

Comms365 is a market leader in this technology, providing class-leading bonded Internet access solutions to Europe’s largest construction companies, including MGroup Services. For sites requiring a permanent solution, we offer our managed service, SD-ONE, which can bond up to three fixed line and/or 4G connections. Continuum, our awarding-winning, fully portable bonded Internet access solution can bond up to six connections.

We have won several industry awards and commendations, including Best Innovative Technology at the Bright Sparc Awards, inclusion on the Leading Edge platform for innovatory solutions, and Best Innovation and Technology at the MK Business Achievement Awards.

Contact our Sales Team on 01234 865880, or email sales@comms365.com to discuss further or book a demo

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