Grow Your Business With Bonded Internet

Grow Your Business With Bonded Internet

Grow Your Business With Bonded Internet

You know about the benefits of bonded Internet and the use cases, but how does it fit in with your business? If you’re a Reseller, Value Added Reseller (VAR) or Channel Partner considering extending your product portfolio with bonded Internet, Comms365 are the experts who can support you.

Read on to find out more about the opportunity that bonded Internet presents for growing your business revenues and how Comms365 can easily enable you to integrate this solution into your product portfolio.

Bonded Internet Opportunity

With the growth of unified communications1 and the market continuing to shift to cloud2, your customers need a fast, reliable Internet connection to benefit from the solutions that you provide. A CBI survey3 found that 67% of respondents identified faster and more reliable connections as their number one, critical business priority, confirming how Internet connectivity is such a vital resource for your business customers.

Fast, reliable Internet is critical to day-to-day business operations and customers who experience poor fixed line connectivity or who require a pre-Ethernet solution to avoid delays and disruption to their business will be seeking a solution. Partners and resellers can improve their customers’ experiences by providing bonded Internet solutions to them, while simultaneously growing their revenues.

New Technology Brings New Revenue Streams

Bonded Internet technology offers an excellent new income stream opportunity for partners and resellers. Bonded Internet solutions can be offered to customers who are struggling with their Internet connection to improve connectivity, or to provide a pre-Ethernet solution. Bonded Internet can also open up opportunities in new verticals and markets such as retail, construction, offices, distribution centres and warehouses.

You can offer the Comms365 bonded Internet solutions as white label products, and there is potential to combine the solutions with other services to create innovative new bundles. As a solution which provides resilience and faster Internet, bonded Internet perfectly complements existing services that rely on an Internet connection such as Cloud services, Hosted Desktop, VoIP and UC.

Working with Comms365

We have extensive experience in bonded Internet technology, providing solutions directly to some of Europe’s largest construction companies and through our partner programme to all different types of businesses. The Continuum bonded Internet solution has won several industry awards and commendations including Best Innovative Technology at the Bright Sparc Awards, and Best Innovation and Technology at the MK Business Achievement Awards, so you can be sure that you’re buying the best. Our bonded solutions are network and carrier agnostic which means we don’t insist you use Comms365 connectivity.

We’ll give you the support and training you need to enable you to sell to your existing customers and identify new market opportunities. Our bonded Internet solutions are offered as a fully managed service, and our CommsPortal management platform makes it easy for you to view your customers’ bonded Internet connection performance.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

We support our partners giving them the support and training they need for success. Managing Director of Opious, speaks about his success selling the Continuum bonded internet solution:

“There was really nothing else on the market like Continuum; it really was ultra-fast deployment for our customers…we have now deployed well over 50 across Europe, and we’ve hit the £1 million threshold with you guys…

And it’s not just that, you provide such a great responsive service as well. Any time that our customers have got questions on the technology or the software, you’ve got a full team of support experts and they always have the answer, so I can’t praise you highly enough.”

Another of our partners, GB Technologies, also speaks highly of the bonded internet solutions provided by Comms365 to their customer:

“It’s unrealistic to expect any modern business to operate without an Internet connection; it is the basis of most parts of a business’ processes and infrastructure. We were extremely impressed at how quickly the solution was installed and the resiliency of the connection. It’s safe to say that Comms365’s Continuum definitely saved DJ Alexander from a potential disaster.”

Read the full case study here.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re a Reseller, Value-Added Reseller (VAR) or Channel Partner interested in adding bonded internet to your product portfolio, we can help.

We have extensive experience in providing class-leading bonded Internet access solutions direct to customers and via our partner programme for all types of requirements. For sites requiring a permanent solution, we offer our managed service, SD-ONE, which can bond up to three connections. Continuum, our awarding-winning, fully portable bonded Internet solution can bond up to six connections.

We have won several industry awards and commendations, including Best Innovative Technology at the Bright Sparc Awards, inclusion on the Leading Edge Platform for innovatorysolutions, and Best Innovation and Technology at the MK Business Achievement Awards

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1 “Forecast: Unified Communications, Worldwide, 2015-2022, 3Q18”, Gartner, September 2018
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3″Foundations for Growth: CBI/ AECOM Infrastructure Survey 2017″, CBI. October 2017

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